• Kevin Keenan

EHM partner with young entrepreneur to offer Virtual Showrounds

Updated: Aug 27, 2020

Josh Thomson has always had an eye for the creative and started out in business providing great videography and Droneography. He has now branched out into offering virtual tours using the most up to date technology available. The results speak for themselves in this stunning visual feast. Click on the picture below to transport yourself inside.

What can a Virtual Showround do for your business?

Your future guests can step inside and see for themselves the service and facilities that you offer, you can even talk to them directly. No masks or hand sanitiser required! Businesses with a strong visual presence are 25% more likely to confirm a guest booking than those without.

Strong Visual Images:

Your guest can imagine themselves inside their own bedroom or imagine themselves eating in your restaurant. They can even walk along the corridors exploring everything that your business offers.

Combine the Virtual Tour with some arrival Droneorgaphy and you can have a strong impact on where your potential guests book.

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